Sunmin Mining
OWNERSHIP The   Company   has   been   granted   the   Prospecting   Rights   in   2013   within   the   Limpopo   Province's   Bushveld   Complex   of   the   Mphahlele   and Zebediela-Moletlane areas respectively. which falls under the Jurisdiction of Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality.
T HE MPHAHLELE PROPERTIES :  Vleeiplaats                                                             These    Properties    are    situated    at    about    25km    south    of    Lekgwareng.    Approximately    19    km    east    of    Pietersburg    in    the Thabamoopo   district.   It   is   a   9836   hectares   (ha)   stretch   of   land   respectively.   It   is   within   the   geological   formation   of   the   Bushveld Complex.   The   Bushveld   Complex   is   the   largest   known   layered   intrusion   in   the   world.   consisting   of   a   basal   mafic   to   ultramafic suite   known   as   the   Rustenburg   Layered   Suite   (RLS).   The   RLS   is   divided   into   five   zones.   Marginal   zone,   the   lower   zone   (mainly bronzitite,   harzburgites   and   dunites   ).   The   critical   zone   (which   hosts   the   extensive   chromitite   deposits   and   PGE-bearing Merensky Reef and the UG2 chromitite layer) the main zone and upper zone.
Detailed   cross   section   of   the   Mesrensky   Reef    shows   average   thickness   of   mineralized   layers   and   grades from eight boreholes, average width 5,97 m pyroxinite host.
THE ZEBEDIELA PROPERTIES :                                                           i. Rooiboschbaak / Groothoek                                                          ii. Zebedielas 123                                                          iii. Smugglers Union                                                          iv. Volop
These   Properties   are   situated   in   the   district   of   Mokerong.   the   Zebediela   -   Moletlane   area   of   the   Limpopo Province.    The    area    is    9869,3437    hectares    in    extent    and    lies    approximately    20km    southwest    of Lebowakgomo.   these   report   was   undertaken   in   1991.the   intersections   of   the   Merensky   and   the   UG2 reefs obtained in these boreholes and deflection boreholes are listed below :
A total of 300 ha of ground has been covered by a ground magnetometer survey and readings taken on   2 500 stations. these properties consist of other crucial minerals which were not recorded in the general report, more data can be obtained from the Council for Geo-Science, and the South African Mineral Map of the Limpopo (SAMINDABA) of the 'Bushveld Complex . The Properties fall under the Jurisdiction of Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality in the Limpopo Province of South Africa ( ZA )
The   License   area   location's   general   Report   shows   an   interesting   habits   occurance.   the   recorded   upper   zone   (UZ) estimated   reserves   to   500m   vertical   depth   6,01   M   Tonnes.   the   lower   zone   (   LZ   )   4,04   M   Tonnes.   the   UG2   horizon. average of four boreholes   intersections.