Sunmin Mining
Group Statement
The   Company   is   currently   engaging   with   interested   individual   and   group   investors   both   locally   and   internationally.we   are looking at bringing investors, and raising funds to fast track the projects feasibility study. We   will   continue   to   engage   all   interested   and   potential   investor   partners,   and   this   can   be   achieved   to   attain   enormous   success through shareholding.etc. ( Updated periodically ) Sunmin   Properties   are   located   in   the   Limpope   Province   of   South Africa.   approximately   300km   north   east   of   Johannesburg   on the   eastern   side   of   a   low   acute   ridge   known   as   the   Phosiri   Dome   closer   to   the   northern   end   of   the   Eastern   Limb   of   the Bushveld Complex. The   Project   comprises   attributable   interests   in   the   prospecting   rights   relating   to   the   Sunmin   Mining   Properties.   Eerste   Regt and Government Ground. Sunmin   (   Vleeiplaats   Project   )   is   situated   approximately   15km   to   the   South   west   of   Lebowa   Platinum   Mine   which   is   owned   by Anoorag   Resources   Limited   and   some   20km   east   of   Lonmin   Plc's   Limpopo   operation.   which   Shanduka   Resources   acquired   a 50+1   (   51   %   )   controlling   stake   in   2011.Also   situated   nearby   is   Platmin's   Mphahlele   Project   which   Platmin   has   recently announced   will   be   fastracted   for   a   definitive   feasibility   study.   Access   to   the   central   portion   of   the   Project   area   is   N1   national highway to the town of Mokopane, tarred regional roads and approximately 8km of good quality gravel roads.
Exhibit 1: Sunmin Projects and adjacent Properties.  - Historical exploration in the area
Exhibit 2: The Phosiri Dome (Vleeplaats) Project and adjacent Properties
The   Phosiri   Dome   was   formed   by   the   uplifting   of   the   floor   rocks   of   the   Bushveld   Complex   which   are   believed   to have   been   slowly   upwards   millions   of   years   ago   under   the   influence   of   thermal   and   gravitational   forces.   The Merensky   and   the   UG2   Reefs   generally   dip   in   a   westerly   direction   from   the   neighbouring      Lebowa   Platinum   Mine   to the   east   of   the   Phosiri   Dome   and   were   it   not   for   the   formation   and   uplifting   action   of   the   dome.   the   overlying Bushveld   Complex   lithologies   would   be   significantly   deeper   at   several   kilometers   rather   than   their   present   day depths   which   Lesego   Platinum   exploration   programme   has   now   revealed   .Whilst   shallow   resources   are   unlikely   to be   mineable,   the   upliftment   also   opens   up   the   potential   for   the   Merensky   and   UG2   Reefs   to   be   developed   at   depths of less than 1000m,a possibility that the Company will investigate in the future. Any further information for your perusal is available at our disposal.
Location of the Sunmin Projects